When others quit, leaders must push through.

The path of leadership is never straight. It’s never easy. It’s never the walk in the park that others think it is while watching from a distance.

The thing about leadership is it’s lonely, darn lonely; and hard, darn hard.

What’s worse than that is it’s often the leader's responsibility to not show the real strain their position really can be. As the leader it’s their responsibility to press on, to keep going when others quit and do so with grace, dignity, and confidence.

Some call this being not genuine.

It’s not. It’s leadership.

Do you think the great leaders of our day would get far or would accomplish much if they spent their day complaining about how hard their job was?

Do you think their company or tribe would continue onward with their own belief if the leader no longer believed?

This presents a bit of a quandary.

How to be transparent and still remain 100% steadfast in your belief and your projection of confidence. For sure, one of the most difficult things for a leader is to balance this difficult scenario well.

The best policy is always honesty, regardless of h0w difficult being honest really is, in the long run, honesty ALWAYS is the best answer.

It’s ok to admit that your struggle from time to time in your belief, it’s ok to show some of your emotions on your sleeve. However, you must also rise above it and show your unwavering dedication to your goal.

This is not hypocrisy, all, I mean ALL human beings struggle with doubt from time to time, anyone that tells you they do not is a liar plain and simple. The job of a leader is to experience the doubt, admit it, take a breath, regain composure, grow past the doubt, and re-engage with their belief, and the push onward.

Sometimes you have to be like the guy in Mark 9:24. “I do believe, help me with my unbelief.”

NOT an easy task, but that’s the burden of being the person in leadership, you have to push past your own doubts and insecurities. You WILL have them, all of us do, but your calling is to be a leader, then you must push past them, grow beyond them, and lead.

It’s your purpose, make it happen, when others quit, push onward.


~Chris Behnke