Practice thankfulness daily

It's easy to forget what you have to be thankful for. The context of day to day life makes it easy to overlook the wonderful blessings and privileges we enjoy.

Every morning we get up, eat some breakfast, and rush off to another busy day. A day full of distractions. A day full of problems, difficult people, difficult situations, and discouraging circumstances.



We get caught up in our day to day problems so easily we forget about the blessings, we forget about the amazing opportunity we have if for no other reason then we simply have another day. 

Another day to foster and grow relationships with amazing people worth caring about. Another day to make a difference in that non-profit that's making a difference. Another day to grow that company and prove all the doubters wrong.

You're not guaranteed this day or the next day, AND you have a limited number of them left. The reality that you got up this morning is, in fact, a miracle. 

It just is.

Your heart beating, lungs breathing, brain thinking. Every single new day is a miraculous gift and should be treated that way.

You've got all the distractions of life coming at you a million miles an hour; reset them, embrace your mistakes and learn from them, and with every single breath, every single heat beat, be thankful.

Be thankful for what you have learned, be thankful for your past present and future relationships, be thankful for your opportunity.


~Chris Behnke

Inspiration from Instagram post:

Practice thankfulness daily.

Took this shot of a tent city in #haiti A strong reminder to not just give back but also be #thankful for the life you live.

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